Registration for Religious Education at the Parish of the Holy Cross is now past due.  If you are a registered parishioner whose child/children has been in our program and you have not yet re-registered, please do so as soon as possible.  At this time, we cannot guarantee your first choice of placement.


If you are a registered parishioner and you have a child entering first grade in September 2017, and you wish your child to be educated in the faith, you must register your child in person at our office.  If you are new to the parish and your children have begun religious formation in another parish, you also must register in person at the office.  Please call our Director, Kathleen Reid, at 631-265-2200 ext. 12 to set up an appointment.


This is the first year of sacrament preparation for Reconciliation and Eucharist. Children are instructed at home by their parents. Parents are obligated to attend meetings at Holy Cross. Throughout the year, children and parents follow a schedule and work is regularly sent back to the Religious Ed. office.

LEVELS  2 through 7

Classes meet in the homes of our volunteer catechists.  Placement of students is done by the religious education office.


Level 8 is the second of two years of Confirmation preparation.  Parents and students will be invited to a meeting in the fall that will outline this very important year.

As always, if any questions or concerns arise, please give the office a call at (631) 265-2200 ext. 11 (Mary), ext. 12 (Kathleen).


If you are new to the Parish of the Holy Cross and are interested in registering your child, please contact Kathleen Reid, DRE at the Religious Ed Office for instructions. (631 265-2200 ex.12)