Parish Staff

Fr. Michael F. Holzmann, Pastor

Deacon Ralph Rivera, Pastoral Minister

Judith Pickel                              Jane Wirth                    Mary Anne McCulloch

Mary Pannone

Rev. Michael F. Holzmann, Pastor (
Dcn. Ralph Rivera, Parish Deacon
Mrs. Tricia Clarke, Business Manager
Mr. Gerald Farrell, Custodian
Mr. Salvatore Finocchiaro, Coordinator of Youth Ministries                                          Ms. Patricia Gyscek, Co-Coordinator of Parish Outreach
Mr. Vincent Matula, Custodian
Mrs. Mary Anne McCulloch, Co-Coordinator of Parish Outreach
Mrs. Mary Pannone, Religious Education Secretary (
Mrs. Judith Pickel, Pastoral Associate
Mr. Brian Reich, Director of Music                                                                                           Ms. Kathleen Reid, Director of Religious Education
Mrs. Elizabeth Shea, P/T Office Assistant
Mrs.  Barbara Shipman, P/T Asst. to the Pastor
Mrs. Jane Wirth, Parish Secretary (