Parish Outreach

“Whenever men and women are to be found who are in want of food and drink, of clothing, of housing, medicine, work, education, the means necessary for leading a truly human life, individuals racked by misfortune, illness, suffering in isolation or imprisonment, Christian charity should go in search of them, find them out, comfort them with devout care and give them the help that will relieve their needs.”

– Vatican II- “The Lay People” Charitable Works and Social Aid


Coordinator:   Kelley Mowat

 Hours:  Mon., Wed., Thu. 10AM – 3PM and Tue. 1:30PM – 6:30PM
Closed:  12:15 – 1:00 pm
631-265-2200, Ext. 113

What’s Happening Now

Click on “Kevin Bacon” below, to learn more about the organization Heifer International.

Our parishioners “feed” Kevin quarters, to be donated to Heifer International, to purchase a variety of livestock which is then donated to families in need around the world to improve their lives by providing those families with a means for food and/or a livelihood to provide for their own families.