Let All Who Enter Be Welcomed as Christ

With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the people of the Parish of the Holy Cross, will strive to work together to achieve the following ideals:


To create an environment of Hospitality: where all people of every age, sex, and background are always welcomed and treated with the dignity of a child of God.

A welcoming environment will foster a sense of belonging and will encourage ownership, responsibility and empowerment as these principles relate to the life of the parish.

A spirit of hospitality will also support a sense of acceptance. Gifts will always be valued and encouraged, shortcomings forgiven and spirits healed:

To create an environment of Growth: where renewal and enrichment are encouraged on a personal, spiritual and relational level through liturgy, prayer, spiritual exercises, education and fellowship:

To create an atmosphere of Service: where the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of the community, and those beyond the parish, are responded to in a compassionate, non-judgmental manner;

To create an environment where Love of God and Love of Community are fostered: where relationship with God and relationship with our brothers and sisters are intertwined, where Worship and Service in the name of God go hand in hand.