Baptism Preparation

There are four important steps for parents to take in preparing for the Baptism of their child at the Parish of the Holy Cross:

1. Call the Parish Office (631-265-2200) and let the secretary know that you would like to schedule a Baptism. You may do this before or after the baby is born. The secretary will give you available dates to choose from for your Baptism. Baptism celebrations usually take place twice each month at 1:00 PM.

2. Meet with a member of our Pastoral Team who will call you and arrange a time to meet with you, to get to know you better and to discuss details for your upcoming special event.

3. Attend a Baptism Prep. Class, held every six weeks on a Wednesday evening at 7:30.  At this class, you will meet other parents, learn more about the Sacrament of Baptism, and hear about the many wonderful ways Holy Cross is here for you and your family.

4. Choose Godparents for your child. This is perhaps the most significant step in your preparation for your child’s Baptism. A Godparent is forever – this person will play an important role in your child’s life, not just at the celebration of Baptism, but for the rest of their lives. Please make this decision thoughtfully and prayerfully, keeping in mind the requirements of the Catholic Church, as stated below.

Choosing Godparents

The Catholic Church has several requirements for Godparents:

1. At least one Godparent must be: a) Catholic

b) at least sixteen years of age

c) baptized and confirmed

d) able to give good example to the child

2. One Godparent may be non-Catholic, provided s/he is a baptized Christian of another faith, at least sixteen years of age, and able to give good example to the child. This person is a “Christian witness.”

3. In some cases, the age requirement may be lowered, if the person meets the other requirements and the pastor gives his permission.

Godparents may not be:

1. either parent

2. someone non-baptized, for example, someone who is Jewish or Muslim. These persons would not be able to profess their faith in Jesus Christ at the Baptism celebration, nor could they help form the child in the Catholic faith.

3. a Catholic who has left the Catholic Church (see # 2 above)

4. two men or two women

If you have any questions, please call the Parish Office, 631-265-2200.